About Polo

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Look, it’s a wild Polo!

Hello, friends and fibre artists. If you found your way to my about me page, chances are you’re curious about what’s going on around these parts. I can help with that.

What is the Knitter Nerd?

I have been writing this blog for seven years. When I started, it was a way to document my movement from non-knitter to totally-obsessed knitter. Now my interests have grown and lots of fibre arts find their way into my hands.

On top of knitting inspiration, knitting advice, and general ramblings, you’ll also find book reviews on the site. That’s because books are awesome.

My politics influence everything I do; I believe in the power of community, and the fibre art world is a great example of that. I plan to bring that more and more into the blog, so I’ll be excited to find out what you folks think of it.

Who is Polo?

That’s a hard one. Well, in essence I’m a young-ish person from England who moved to Ontario, Canada, a few years ago. (You can see a lot of that process if you read back to 2012-2014. Very stressful, let me tell you.) I’ve been knitting for a while now and found a new group of friends and a great community every time I’ve moved somewhere new.

Now that I’m settled, I’m attempting to bring what I’ve learnt about the importance of community into how I navigate the world. I’m going back to school for a Masters of Education to help me, and I volunteer where I can – I am the social media manager for PFLAG Durham Region, and I’ve recently started an interfaith, multicultural craft group at the local mosque.

In other words, I’m someone who has decided to use knitting and the internet to try to make the world a better place. Yep, I’m that person. The idealist. If you are too, maybe you should stick around – or even get in touch, I’d love to hear from like-minded individuals!


29 thoughts on “About Polo

  1. Laura i love your blog and it’s inspired me to get going with mine! I love your ideas and your friendship with me as well as my lovely girl. And the idea that your are ‘owned’ by animals and obsessions. Me too. As you know…….here’s to us all!!


  2. I, too, am a nerd/geek (yes, I know they’re different, but I proudly carry elements of both) who knits…and – like your father – I’m a “fading flower child.”
    Actually, there are quite a few of us “geeky-types” who enjoy both the creativity and the mathematical qualities of knitting. We tend to be musical, too, which doesn’t surprise me at all!
    Thanks for the “like” at my blog!
    BTW, I have CRPS, which, like your IIH is… well… add an “a” to the acronym and you’ve pretty much got it!


    1. Yay nerd/geekiness! I am a bit of both too. It seems we have a lot in common πŸ™‚

      Having googled CRPS it sounds like not much fun at all. Sorry you have to go through that.

      And thank you for reminding me I need to update my ‘about’ page – I already live in Canada now. πŸ™‚


        1. Very cool! I learnt to cast on at a knitting group my friend started and the rest was mostly Youtube. Youtube is the best for that stuff if you don’t have an awesome mum who knits!


        2. I tried YouTube and it some videos were showing different techniques than my mum knew. I was casting on using a YouTube technique and my mum pulled it all out as it wasn’t right and showed me the thumb technique. I’ll get there! Once I’m a bit more experienced I’ll go to knit and natter, I can’t go now as talking puts me off, I need to concentrate! Lol x

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  3. Hello, I have been browsing through your blog and LOVE it! My name is Juanita Russell and I am the owner/publisher/editor of Color Me Southern Magazine and I am always looking for new content & ideas and recipes for my magazine. I am writing to you because I would love to use some of your content/ideas for my future monthly issues of the Magazine. I always give credit to the person responsible for the content and a link back to where the original content can be found. Please check out my October Issue at http://www.colormesouthernmag.net and let me know if I could use your recipes in future issues of the magazine. If this is agreeable to you, then I can also send you a link to the issues your content will appear in if you would like to post it or let others know your content has been published. I anxiously await your response for I am on a deadline for our November Issue to be out by the end of this week. Thank you for your time and keep these recipes and ideas coming!


      1. Sorry ever since I upgraded up to WIndows 10 my computer has been acting weird and crossing my various messages with each other, it’s posting like key words from previous messages I sent or left. Thank you for getting back with me, and I understand. Have a great day. (Now let’s see if this message has any unwanted key words appear in it). πŸ™‚

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