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The world’s first computer program?

On Saturday, we went to the Science Centre in Toronto to celebrate our anniversary. It was full of children and I could have done without watching that video on childbirth, but all in all it was a good time. I especially enjoyed the Imax in the dome theatre. Intimidating but a lot of fun.

One interesting thing I thought I’d share is this picture of a Jacquard loom in one of the displays. I don’t know much about weaving, so it was interesting to see a bit of history to it.

Jacquard Loom at Toronto Science Centre.
Jacquard Loom at Toronto Science Centre.

The jacquard loom was invented in 1801 and became a precursor to computer programing, of all things! It used punch cards to create a design in the woven fabric, and those punch cards have been used ever since. When I think about how one simple invention can grow like that did, it blows my mind. It also makes me proud as a fibre artist to be part of such an interesting history.

Anyway, I thought I’d share that little bit of knowledge (that no doubt is well-known to everyone but me!). If you’d like to know more, here’s a video for you.

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I’m Not The Only One.

Thinking about the whole nail polish thing I posted about yesterday, I couldn’t help but ask my greatest knitting resource: Ravelry. Specifically LSG which happens to be my favourite knitting group/forum ever for the sheer hilarity of its members.

(LSG stands for Lazy, Stupid and Godless and if it were a face-to-face knitting group it would probably involve copious amounts of alcohol and many gorgeous hand-knitted garments slung casually around shoulders.)

Anyway. It turns out I am not the only one who matches my nail varnish to my yarn-based projects.

Coleva matches her nail varnish to the yarn she’s spinning at the time.

Which I think you’ll agree is fairly terrific.

Annkari is similarly inclined and even matches the luscious shimmer.

Nagarajas matches hers to her knitting projects and her weaving projects. Multi-talented coordination. There are some very skilled ladies on that forum.

Don’t want to match to your yarn but still want to be utterly, spectacularly stylish? Not a problem. Match with your cute little yarn bowl instead, as SlpBeauty does.

Variegated yarn or colourwork? NOT A PROBLEM! Beth825 has a very classy answer to that conundrum.

There’s also someone who matches her nail varnish to the ink in her fountain pen which is a whole new level of awesome.

(I used all these pictures with permission, by the way. I am not a sneaky nail-picture thief.)

Some people are the opposite. Like Ikchen on Twitter, a very lovely lady who replied:

I tend to not knit when wearing nail polish, mostly because it makes my fingers feel wrong (and thus the knitting).

Please share if this is relevant to you too.

I’m way too amused by this, it seems.