Knitters are the best

It’s a bit late in saying so, but the Knit in Public Day 2017 went well. There weren’t as many people as last year but seeing as we organised it very last minute, it was good. There was even a woman who lugged along her machine knitting!

Have a few pictures from the day. Thank you to Whitby Public Library and the Town of Whitby for giving us the space for the afternoon.


It was very interesting seeing a knitting machine in the wild; I’ve never encountered one before. It seems complicated, but Tracy made it look easy and created some gorgeous things with it. I’d like to try one eventually!

Go check out Tracy’s blog over here. It’s very interesting.


Knit in Public Day 2017

Who’s going to a Knit in Public Day event this Saturday?

If you’re in the Durham Region (Ontario, not North East England!), come see us outside of Whitby Public Library. It’s a lot of fun to sit and chill in the sunshine with fellow knitters.

Maybe if we keep being public with our knitting, people will stop telling me I can’t be a knitter because I’m too young. This happens ALL THE TIME. All. The. Time.

Anyway, I hope to see you there!

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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Inspiration #3

Uh oh, I’m at it again. Spreading the bullet journal love all over this blog. I’ve been possessed by the Ghost of Owning Too Many Pens.

(I regret nothing.)

A lot of my favourite bullet journalers are very talented artists, too. It’s always nice to watch someone make something beautiful, so I like watching/following people who let this journal be an opportunity to create amazing things in the most mundane of places. After all, a bullet journal is just a planner at its heart, yet people make it their own.

One such person is Amanda Rach Lee, who draws so well and has a great attitude to her spreads and use of the journal. I find watching things like this very peaceful.

You can also find Amanda on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Again, if you have a bullet journal or any thoughts about the whole thing, comment below. I’m fascinated by the whole thing, can you tell?

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It’s a walk in the park.

Still no knitting time for me.

I’ve had a massage which I think helped, but we’ll see. I’ve been stretching. Any day now I’m going to be able to get back on that baby blanket and get it finished in time for the little thing to enter the world.

Since I can’t knit, I’ve been spinning and journaling a lot. I’ve also been doing all those things ordinary human beings do, since I am definitely an ordinary human being and not a cyborg sent from the year 5,192.

That is, I’ve been going to nature conservation areas and making friends with chipmunks and turkeys.

Lynde Shores is a place of wonderment not far from where I live. It’s filled with awesome cute animals who are extremely well-fed and don’t mind coming up to meet humans and/or cyborgs.


This little beasty let me pet him. He was far too interested in the seed on the ground to care about me. Either that or he was thrilled to get a free massage with his meal.

There were a lot of birds around, including the aforementioned turkeys and some very pretty blue jays. I’ve never seen a blue jay in the wild before, so that was exciting. There were also a lot of woodpeckers and a few white-breasted nuthatch, which for some reason are constantly in my brain as ‘white-chested stone hatch’. Google found them for me after rolling its eyes dramatically.



I didn’t get good pictures of most of the birds. Turns out they’re much faster than my phone camera can handle.

Somehow this chipmunk let me admire his cuteness for quite some time, though, so I will leave you with a video I took on the day.

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You spin me right round baby

Let’s get this out of the way right now: I still cannot knit. Yes, I’m frustrated. Yes, all I want is to sit and crack out a few hours of baby blanket. Yet in the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying a few other things.

Most of all? Spinning.

Last year at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto I bought a Turkish Spindle. I also bought some fluff, by which I mean alpaca roving. Later that year, I went on vacation via an alpaca farm and bought some very nice roving there, too.

I did nothing with any of it.

This year at the Knitter’s Frolic, I had no desire to look at or purchase yarn. After all, I can’t use it. I’m taking that personally and holding a grudge against yarn in general despite the fact it’s my stupid posture that did the damage, logic has no place in a frustrated knitter’s mind. Since yarn was out of the picture, I bought more fluff.

This time the fluff was 300g of organic superfine merino roving. Folks, it’s like touching a cloud. I had emotions. It’s beautiful and I love it.

When I got home, I picked up some of the roving from Nuevo Norte Alpacas and gave it a go. I watched ten minutes of a fifteen minute YouTube video on what to do and decided I was an expert, and off I went.

It didn’t go too badly! (It also didn’t go well.)


If you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s art yarn. That’s what anyone with bumpy, uneven yarn says, right?

I’ve tried a few times and even got to plying pretty quickly which was a lot of fun. Then, because now I obviously know everything there is to know (pahahaha) I bought some Malabrigo Nube and spun that, too.


This is actually going quite well, even if I’m doing it wrong (I am, but I won’t tell you how in case some spinners out there have a heart attack. I won’t be responsible for the carnage.)

20170522_114919It’s mostly even, at least compared to my last attempts. I’m about halfway in which means I can start on the second lot soon and then ply it. I’m loving it, and it’s making me feel like I can eventually start spinning with the cloud of merino.

One day.

In the meantime, a good friend of mine asked me to show her how to use her Turkish spindle. Amy is a very talented knitter and also the reason I have even heard of the Knitter’s Frolic, plus she offered to feed me, so I went over last Sunday morning and brought my spinning. I gave her some bad instructions, mostly on what not to do, and she magically made this.

I think she’s probably an alien.

Do I have any other spinners in my midst? Tell me your secrets! Show me your wares! Don’t look too closely at my pictures for fear of the uneven wonkiness!

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Inspiration #2

Okay, so maybe I failed a bit last week at getting back into some kind of blog routine, but that’s fine. It takes a while to get back into the swing of things when you drop the many balls you were juggling.

I can’t juggle. This metaphor is going places.

To continue with a few weeks of bullet journal inspiration, I’d like to share another bullet journaler whose videos I watch regularly even though she humanises her stationery and it drives me a bit bonkers. (I think she lives in France, so maybe she just forgot that nouns don’t have grammatical gender in English.)


Before I introduce a video, let me remind you to check out what a bullet journal is in my previous posts.

Now we’re ready to get going! This is Sunshine and Stationery, and one of the reasons I’m suggesting you watch her videos is that she’s got a great way of explaining what works for her and what does, and why she switches things up. Since that’s my favourite part of bullet journaling, I had to share!

This video is very recent. Many bullet journalers put out a monthly video showing them creating their monthly spreads in advance, and I’ve got to be honest, I watch a lot of this type of video while I draw or write in my own journal. It’s so relaxing and inspirational.

You’ll notice she has amazing hand-lettering, too.

I’ll be continuing this for a few more weeks until I can figure out a way to take decent pictures and video of my own bullet journal, though this may be a dream I abandon depending on the viability of it in a basement apartment. What I wouldn’t do for some natural light…

If you’re interested in seeing more of my journal, let me know below. I’d love to see yours if you have one, too!

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Inspiration #1

If you’re wondering what a bullet journal is or why it keeps popping up over here, check out my last two posts on the subject, here and here. That way you’ll know what the eff I’m talking about when I gush about awesome creative people I watch on YouTube.

Part of my wind-down routine lately is to watch mindless videos of people journaling on YouTube. It sounds like it would be totally boring but I find it inspiring. On the offchance that you do too, I’m going to share a few people I adore in the next few weeks.

It would be weird to start this without first introducing Boho Berry. She’s a long-time bullet journaler, and her style has pervaded a lot of others, including my own. She has a very distinctive style and she was one of the first people I started following when I began my own bullet journal.

She’s very, very perky but not in an obnoxious way, and I always click when I see a new video comes up.

You can find Kara:

I’ll be back this time next week with another journaler I like, but if you have any that you watch or know of, definitely share in the comments below!


The Emptiness.

As some of you will know, I did a stupid thing a month ago. I sat with my arms propped up on the chair while I knitted for two days straight, even though my thumbs went numb after the first day. Then I didn’t knit for about three days. …Then I picked up my blanket and knitted for six solid hours.

Yeah, since then I haven’t been able to knit at all. I haven’t even tried. Guys, don’t do this. Don’t put your elbows on arm rests while you knit. Learn from my stupidity.

At the moment I’m having MASSIVE knitting cravings, but there’s nothing I can do about it, not even with babies on the way in the family. I’ve considered replacing my hands with robot machines, but unfortunately my wage doesn’t quite cover becoming a superhero/villain, so I’ve had to make do with boredom.

In the meantime I’ve tried bookbinding, drawing, journaling, cross stitching, and spinning. The latter is really the only one I can do without discomfort, as long as I rest my hands every few minutes and stretch regularly. At the last mosque knitting group, I played with my Turkish spindle for the hour. I’m not very good at it yet, but that’s the point of practicing.

It helps that at the Knitter’s Frolic this year I bought 300g of cloud, AKA merino. I need to be good so I can spin that. (See the featured ima

There is an end in sight. I’m going to a massage therapist next week, and if that helps I’ll keep going. If it doesn’t, I’ll go to my doctor. I can’t be not knitting for this long! My identity will crumble! I will be a shell of my former self!

Or I’ll just be really damn bored.

Let me know if you’ve ever had something like this happen and how you got past it. Help me, friends!

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Sewing in the ends

It’s the hardest thing to do. Not because it’s a complicated endeavour, but because if you put that finished project down for five damn seconds, it’s impossible to get around to picking it back up within a month.

No? Just me?

I do this all the time. A few months ago I decided to knit my partner a hoody since she wears them a lot and I don’t care about the sweater curse, we’re basically married anyway (we’ve been together nearly seven years, when did this happen, and if living on different continents for some of that time didn’t break us, the sweater curse hasn’t got a chance). I finished it just after Christmas, then decided I was done with it and would give it to her for Valentines, honest.

It’s May. This weekend, mid-concussion and still unable to knit because my tendons hate me, I picked up the hoody. I took ten minutes to sew in the ends, and suddenly I have a completed project on my hands.

She likes it. I’m giving it to her just in time for it to be too warm for her to wear, but no one ever said I was made of logic.Hoody for Nari - Knitter Nerd

It’s currently spread out behind me on my blocking mats, mocking me by taking roughly five bajillion years to dry. I also have to sew on the buttons but I won’t put that off once it’s dry – my partner now knows it exists, so I have to get around to it. Them’s the rules.

(That didn’t work when I made her the Avengers blanket, though… That took about eighteen months to give to her.)

This is clearly something I need to change. I sorted out my basket of random projects the other day and realised roughly 25% of them are about ten minutes from being finished. Do I just not like finishing things? Do I have commitment issues? Or do I just get too easily distracted?

Since my hands aren’t letting me knit at all these days, I may as well take some time to weave in some ends and finish up some older projects. After all, that will make me look super productive with minimal effort. Why yes, I did finish a sweater and a pair of socks and a shawl all in one weekend! (I started that shawl about 4 years ago, but that will go unsaid.)

It turns out knitters are a predictable lot, so I know I’m not the only one to do things like this. Has anyone got any tips for getting past it?