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Sewing in the ends

It’s the hardest thing to do. Not because it’s a complicated endeavour, but because if you put that finished project down for five damn seconds, it’s impossible to get around to picking it back up within a month.

No? Just me?

I do this all the time. A few months ago I decided to knit my partner a hoody since she wears them a lot and I don’t care about the sweater curse, we’re basically married anyway (we’ve been together nearly seven years, when did this happen, and if living on different continents for some of that time didn’t break us, the sweater curse hasn’t got a chance). I finished it just after Christmas, then decided I was done with it and would give it to her for Valentines, honest.

It’s May. This weekend, mid-concussion and still unable to knit because my tendons hate me, I picked up the hoody. I took ten minutes to sew in the ends, and suddenly I have a completed project on my hands.

She likes it. I’m giving it to her just in time for it to be too warm for her to wear, but no one ever said I was made of logic.Hoody for Nari - Knitter Nerd

It’s currently spread out behind me on my blocking mats, mocking me by taking roughly five bajillion years to dry. I also have to sew on the buttons but I won’t put that off once it’s dry – my partner now knows it exists, so I have to get around to it. Them’s the rules.

(That didn’t work when I made her the Avengers blanket, though… That took about eighteen months to give to her.)

This is clearly something I need to change. I sorted out my basket of random projects the other day and realised roughly 25% of them are about ten minutes from being finished. Do I just not like finishing things? Do I have commitment issues? Or do I just get too easily distracted?

Since my hands aren’t letting me knit at all these days, I may as well take some time to weave in some ends and finish up some older projects. After all, that will make me look super productive with minimal effort. Why yes, I did finish a sweater and a pair of socks and a shawl all in one weekend! (I started that shawl about 4 years ago, but that will go unsaid.)

It turns out knitters are a predictable lot, so I know I’m not the only one to do things like this. Has anyone got any tips for getting past it?

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The Cardigan Continues

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I’m in the middle of a binge of sweater knitting. A cardigan is on its way into my life, piece by piece.

Yep, piece by piece – I’m not knitting it in one piece. I hate sewing things up, but I’m sure it will be worth it because this cardigan is going to be glued to me for the whole of autumn and probably a large portion of the winter.

So far I’ve made only two mistakes, though they were big ones.

  1. I made the back about two inches too small. I don’t know how I managed that. I’m going back in a few days to rip out the top bit and add a couple of inches. Not ideal, but I will pull through.
  2. When decreasing the right front of the cardigan I started doing both the neck and the shoulder on the same side of the section, which apparently is not how human bodies work.

Both of these problems could have been solved by printing off the pattern and actually reading it as I go along instead of skimming it in the morning and making it up, because you know, that’s a sensible way to do it. (Though this time I’m not just making it up completely as I would on a less important project; I do write down some small notes. Just… not enough.)

After work today I decided to go to the library to print off the pattern but alas, they’d changed how the system worked and I messed it up and then there were no computers so I was outta luck, buddy. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Or maybe not.

Maybe I’ll just keep making it up and see what happens.

(By the way the pattern is Cushing Isle by Amy Herzog, though I’m using the Custom Fit generator for it. More on that stroke of genius when the sweater is done!)

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Last Day to Win!

If you haven’t already listened to episode two of the Knitter Nerd podcast, go do so. Also, comment on the post with one of Diane Martini’s gorgeous patterns and you could win one of them from me.

A reminder of how lovely they are:

I’m personally making the Marigny sweater as soon as I can find the right yarn for it, but she has some lovely things to choose from.

You can also use the code polo2015 on any of her patterns this month for 25% off. What a bargain.

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New Year’s Resolution

So here’s my knitting resolution for 2012:

Knit a sweater.

Yeah. Pretty simple, but I’m determined to do it. I’m going to work up to it in a couple of stages since I usually tend to jump into things and rip them back twenty times before I get anything acceptable and I don’t want to do that this time.

First up, I’m going to knit a little baby cardigan for my nephew who is two years old. This way I use a whole lot less yarn and yet get to understand the structure of the thing. I’ve had my eye on this jumper for a while for Jayden and I’m sure he’s going to look adorable in it.

Isn't it cute?

Once this is done and once I understand the construction and logic behind knitting something this shape, I’m going to take a giant leap and knit something for myself. It’s going to have to be something simple and not too fitted – or at least something with a lot of ease, since I have a very defined body type (read: I have big bra size and a small waist). I may be able to find something easy to adjust but I’ll probably just find something quite stretchy in construction.

One creation I’ve been thinking about for a while is this charming and very simple pattern from Knitty:

Isn't it lovely?

Of course, I have a tendency to make things for other people even when I intend it to be for myself so the chances are it’ll end up being for my girlfriend. Besides, she’s smaller than me so I can make it with a little less yarn! See me and my devious ways… I’ve groped handled Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn before in a store and it is lovely so ideally I’d like to knit it with that. However, the pattern requires at least a thousand yards of yarn which is over half a mile of the stuff so it might have to wait until I have, y’know, a job.

Which hopefully shall be soon. Oshawa, here I come!

The final stage is going to be to knit something that DEFINITELY shall be for me. I’ve lusted after this for a long time and it’s one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry.

It’s the Owls sweater and it is SO CUTE.

Oh, the shiny goodness...

It uses less yarn (a minimum of 560, though for me it would be more – probably about 700, though I’ve lost a lot of weight so who knows what size I am these days) and it’s in bulky-weight yarn so it could be argued that I should do this before the previous. This is not just two knitted tubes like the other sweater though and the owls will be a challenge for someone like me who finds it difficult to keep track of rows and cables etc, which I shall be working on this year.

Owls it is then. By the end of the year, I want to have knitted this sweater. I want to be wearing it.

Can I just take a moment to be amused that ‘sweater’ comes more naturally to me than ‘jumper’ already and I’ve only been living in Canada for less than a month? Ditto on ‘eggplant’ instead of ‘aubergine’. I still struggle with the word ‘chips’ to mean ‘crisps’…

Back on topic. What are your projects you’re desperate to do this year? I’d love to hear what other people have planned!